How Changing the way I Travel changed my Life

After years of corporate travel, flying out on Sunday and not coming home till Friday I knew I had to find a better way.

Who is Jetset Genius?

Hi! I'm Brad Kammlah, creator of Jetset Genius, a site designed to help you travel lighter, faster and better than you ever thought possible.  

I have been traveling extensively for work and for fun since 2002 and have logged hundreds of thousands of miles on the road and in air. Whether you’re a seasoned business traveler or just about to take your first job traveling extensively, I can teach you step-by-step how to avoid the mistakes most travelers make and help you start enjoying travel again!

My Travel Story

There I was at the gate... AGAIN!

Waiting hours for another delayed flight. I had been traveling for work almost every day for the past 6 months, I was completely drained and to make things worse, I had terrible food poisoning from a restaurant the night before.

What happened I wondered? I remember I couldn't wait to start my new job and jet setting around the globe. But the reality of constant travel was anything but glamorous. Now I just wanted to get home, even though I knew I would have to turn around and fly back out the next day anyway.

It felt like I lived at Gate 23 at LAX.

All the small aggravations of traveling were magnified being on the road everyday. I was always waiting in security, packing or unpacking, dragging around a suitcase that seemed to get heavier every day. I was neglecting my health, my friends and family and didn't have anything resembling a work life balance.

It was official, I was a burnt out business traveler and I now hated traveling.

So what did I do? Quit?  Find another job? Stop traveling?

"I was so burnt out I started to hate traveling."

The Travel Solution

So did I stop traveling?


Instead, I decided to find a BETTER WAY to travel!

I started researching every tip and travel secret I could find and tried them out. I analyzed every suitcase on the market to see which ones were the lightest and learned how to pack lighter.

I found faster ways to the airport, faster lines in security, and faster ways to check-in for flights.

If I was going to be traveling this much, I was determined not to waste so much time, effort and energy on all the little stresses that add up over time.

And it finally started to make a difference, a BIG DIFFERENCE! The cumulative effect was it made everything about travel easier.

And I soon started loving travel again!

Take the Next Step!

What kind of traveler are you? Maybe you’re a weary business traveler constantly on the road, or someone who wants to make your family vacations better or just a casual traveler who is looking to make your travel experience better. Whatever way that you travel, my goal is to give you the absolute best travel tips.

So come join us and become a JETSET GENIUS today!