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Essential Packing List

For Business Trips

Expert travelers always pack with a list. Here's quick checklist of all the basics you'll want to pack for your next business trip.

Ultimate Bag Buying Guide

Finding the BEST Carryon

Here's the Free Shopping Guide to help you pick out the best suitcase for lightweight carryon travel!

Perfect PreCheck

Buyers Guide

Find out which PreCheck Program is Right for you. This Free Buyers Guide includes detailed info on TSA PreCheck, Global Entry and Dozens of Other Programs.

How to Check Your Hotel Room for Bed Bugs

Pocket Guide

Learn how to quickly check your hotel room for bed bugs in under 2 minutes! This Free Pocket Guide shows you what they look like, how big they are and where to find them.

Flight Focus Playlist

20 Songs to Boost Productivity While Flying

Trying to get some work done on the plane? Eliminate distractions with my list of 20 songs to help you focus while flying!

Want More?

Check out my Resources Page with a complete list of all the Travel Gear I use as well as recommended travel programs and other great tips.


Ready to get super focused on your next flight? Here my list of 20 songs I use to boost productivity when I fly! Enjoy!


Download the FREE Bag Buying Guide that will take you through everything you need to pick out the perfect bag!


Get instant access to the BEST PACKING LIST for BUSINESS TRIPS... FREE!


Get instant access to the Bed Bug Hotel Check... FREE! It's the Quickets way to ensure there aren't any Bed Bugs in your hotel room!


Get instant access to the PERFECT PRECHECK BUYERS GUIDE... FREE! It's the FASTEST way through Airport Security!