Veteran Travel Mistakes

10 Things Experienced Travelers Do Wrong and How to Fix Them

Podcast Episode # 3

 by Brad Kammlah

In this Episode, You'll Learn:

  • What’s more important than frequent flier points
  • What’s the best bag to use
  • What is weighing down your bag
  • How to improve relationships when traveling
  • The best e-book solution for travelers

Most of us think of ourselves as expert travelers but how do we actually stack up against the travel pros? Let’s find out and take a look at the 10 Experienced Traveler Mistakes and how to avoid them.

Here are some highlights from the episode, but be sure to listen to get all the great tips and details!

1 Using the Wrong Bag

Most of us use some version of the rolling bag that works nicely at the airport with smooth floors but pretty bad everywhere else. How easy is it to roll that bag down the city sideways… up curbs, and collapsing it to put in the taxi or worst of all carrying it up the stairs.

I highly recommend “Hands Free Travel.” This is what I call traveling where all your items are with you and you still have both hands free to carry that cup of coffee or browse that magazine without having to fumble with your luggage. The easiest way to do this is using a backpack style suitcase. But not just any backpack and especially not hiking style backpacks that load from the top. Instead look for a backpack that opens all the way around like a suitcase. There are some really great backpack style bags today that look extremely professional.

Solution: Use a Hands Free Travel Bag


2 Bringing Too Many Bags

Most travelers bring the typical rolling suitcase and some type of over the shoulder carry on bag as well. And most of them stack the rolling bag on top and drag them behind them in the airport.

A fun travel game to play is how many times see one of those bags falling off the top. It happens all the time! But we still insist on traveling that way.

A much better approach is to get everything into one single bag.

Solution:  Pack EVERYTHING in ONE BAG!

3 Trading Time for Points

As we travel more it’s normal to want to have “something to show for it.” We’ve been in the air for hours every week so racking up points makes us feel like we’re achieving something and earning and status goes a long way in helping us feel that way. But have you stopped to consider what you’re really giving up? Every time you take a connect it add several hours to your trip plus the added stress of boarding the plane and getting back off. If you had chosen that direct flight back you could be home 3 hours earlier or more.

What’s more important, earning some extra miles or getting a few hours of free time back?

Solution: Always Fly Direct – Even if it’s not with your preferred airline

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4 Your Laptop is Too Heavy

When most people think about packing lighter they think about packing fewer clothes. In reality it’s our electronic devices weighing us down the most when we travel. And the biggest offender is definitely the laptop. I’ve seen colleagues pull out a massive computer and then plug it into a power adapter the size of a brick.

This easily adds 3-5 pounds to their travel bag which feels like a lot at the end of a long trip. Instead, upgrade to the lightest laptop on the market.

Solution: Buy the Lightest Laptop on the Market

5 Conference Room Traveler

Experienced business travelers often like to list off all the places we’ve been as a badge of honor.

But if you ask them what they did in Paris, New York or wherever it’s not uncommon for them to have seen nothing more than the inside of a conference room.

Business travel allows us to get to some great places but it’s up to us to make sure we actually see those places and not just the corporate office.

So on your next trip, plan a later flight and stop by that museum or local landmark.

Solution: Make Time to See the Sites

6 Not Using Packing Cubes

I have to admit I was a late adopter when it comes to packing cubes. I just didn’t see what the big deal was about them.

But once I tried them, I fell in love with them!

They not only make packing easier but they also make everything in your bag easier to get to. Instead of fumbling through everything in your pack it’s right there in a nice compartment.

Solution: Use Packing Cubes to Stay Organized

7 Bringing a Paper Book

No I’m not against reading. In fact, traveling is one of the best times to catch up on a great book. The problem is lugging around that extra weight. Even if you’re done reading it you still have to carry it home to keep in your library. And if you don’t like the book then you’re stuck with it. Why not instead bring your entire library with you digitally?

I prefer to read all my books now on my phone or laptop. I already have those devices with me so it’s not adding any extra weight to my bag.

I am currently using Kindle Books because I can read them on both a Mac or PC laptop whereas you can only read iTunes books on a Mac laptop.

Solution: Switch to eBooks on your Phone or Laptop

8 Ignoring their Relationships at Home

In order to have a good relationship with anyone, spouse, kids or a friend you have to spend time with that person. And if we’re on the road all the time we are definitely missing out on all those little moments that make a relationship great. Those small moments, a hug here and funny story there. These things are the glue that bond us together but we have a lot less glue if we’re not there.

So when we get home it’s important to add extra glue there. Plan a date night with your significant other. Set aside dedicated time with your kids.

Solution: Make Up for it on the Ground

9 Neglecting Your Health

This was mentioned in the common mistakes for new travelers but it’s even more important for seasoned travelers because it will only get worse over time if we don’t take action.

Take a look at your travel schedule and make sure that you have a written diet and exercise plan that you follow on the road.

Solution: Create a Travel Diet & Exercise Plan

10 Not Making Time for Your Life Goals

This also made the list for of common mistakes new travelers make and I’ve included it here because it’s often a mistake seasoned travelers make as well.

While we’re up in the air watching a bad movie, life is happening and sometimes passing us by. It’s important that we set aside time to prioritize our most important goals and make sure that we’re making progress even when we’re traveling.

Solution: Use this Travel Time on Your Goals

Time to Take Action!

If you’re making any of these travel mistakes why not fix them now? Take a look back through this list and add the items you need to change to your to-do list and up your travel game today!

Happy Travels!


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