Window or Aisle? Let’s End the Debate

The Best Seat for Sleepers, Cryers, Lovers and Losers

Podcast Episode # 11

 by Brad Kammlah

In this Episode, You'll Learn:

  • What’s better a Window Seat or an Aisle Seat
  • The 9 Travel Types
  • What Type or Traveler You Are
  • How to pick the best seat by your Travel Type

Window or Aisle? It Depends if Your a Giant or a Lover

Paper or plastic, Democrat or Republican, Window or Aisle? These are age old questions that plague us all. There are even songs about the dilemma like Paper or Plastic by Brooke Candy and Paper or Plastic by GY DRE. But there just doesn’t seem to be a clear answer… until now!

Most people think it’s just a matter of preference, but after spending days in just about every seat on the plane, I think it really comes down to what type of traveler you are.

Are you a Sleeper? A Shorty? A Giant?

I’ve identified 9 travel types from Sleepers to Stretcher and outlined whether the window or aisle is best for each.



Middle Seaters =  Lovers, Losers & Talkers

Well let’s get the Middle Seaters out of the way. It’s the worst seat on the plane for far too many reasons. You get the least amount of space. You don’t get to lean against the window or stretch out into the aisle. You’re simply stuck or more accurately, it feels like you’re trapped. So who in the world would choose a middle seat?


Let’s face it, if we ended up in a middle seat we lost. Somebody else beat us to the window or the aisle and beat us out. That’s why if you look at everyone sitting in a middle seat they may be on the verge of tears or a little in shock. Losing is painful. But don’t worry, you win some, you lose some. Maybe we’ll win on our next flight.


We do so many things for those we love. We might bring them coffee or make them breakfast, but choosing a middle seat so you can sit next to someone you love should top the list for acts of kindness. You, the martyr are taking it for the team so that you can be close to the ones you love and give them the better seat. There’s a special place in heaven just for you, thank you for inspiring us with love.


If you’re an extrovert who loves to talk to random strangers on planes then the middle seat just might be for you. Here you have at least 2 people in your proximity to strike up a conversation with and gives you options in case one of them gives you the not so subtle hint of putting in their headphone. (Insiders Secret… It means they don’t feel like talking right now)

Window Seaters =  Cryers, Sleepers & Shorties

Now let’s get to the real question, Window or Aisle? Let’s start with the window seaters.


If you can sleep on planes, then first of all I am completely jealous, envious and hate you just a little bit. Just kidding, see I can’t sleep well at all on planes so I try to optimize my sleep at the hotel.

But if you’re one of the lucky few that can sleep on planes then the window is going to be your best choice because you get two sleeping options. Leaning against the window or with a traditional travel pillow. Plus since you’re at the end of the row nobody is waking you up every 20 minutes to use the bathroom or stretch. You can be left alone to catch up on those well needed Zzzzz’s.


The window seat is actually my favorite seat and if I wasn’t a giant (more on that later) I would choose this seat every time. But if you don’t need the extra room then this seat has it all! You get the best view, staring out the window and dreaming of what it would be like not to have to be on the plane. No one bothers you to get up and you can sleep if you like. So for all those people who have ever teased you for being short or small you can tell them to suck it because you have the best seat on the plane.


We’ve all been there. Whether you just broke up with someone, said goodbye to someone you love or you’re watching This is Us on the plane, sometimes you just need a good cry. The window is your new best friend as you look out the window dreaming of better days, trying to avoid someone asking you if you’re okay.

Aisle Seaters = Giants, Stretchers & Pee-ers


At 6’2″ I fall into this category. With knobby knees that are smashed up against the tray table I’ll take any extra inch anywhere I can get it. And being next to the aisle means sneaking that leg out from time to time to get a little extra room. Of course this seat comes with it’s drawbacks namely getting smacked by the beverage cart and getting up when your seat mates need to use the restroom. But it’s still my go to seat for now.


Flying for even a few hours can make you feel every muscle in your body is in one big knot, especially when you’re crammed into those tiny seats. So I like hoping up every 45 minutes or so and stretching for a bit. It doesn’t make squeezing back into that seat any easier, but makes the flight a little less painful.


You know who you are… If you like to get up several times during a flight it’s definitely easier on you and everybody else if you in an aisle seat. That way you don’t have to bother anybody to get up and you can go as much as you like. And why not, going to the toilet on a plane is FREE and something the airlines don’t charge you for using… at least for now.

What Seat Type are YOU?

All travelers are created equal. From the Giants to the Pee-ers, no one better and no one worse. So don’t spend a second worrying, embrace your travel type and make the best of your seat on the plane, whether that middle, window or aisle.

Happy Travels!



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