Double Your Packing Speed with PrePacking

Podcast Episode # 15

 by Brad Kammlah

In this Episode, You'll Learn:

  • Why packing takes so long
  • Why we put off packing till the last minute
  • How to pack twice as fast
  • How to have your bag essentially always packed and ready to go

Many of us truly hate to pack. We procrastinate and put it off till the very last minute. Even though we may be traveling around the world, it can seem like packing is the hardest part. What if you could pack faster, a lot faster? Today I’m going to share with you a process that will at least double your packing speed and make the entire process MUCH EASIER! It’s called Pre-Packing.

Why does it take so long to Pack?

So why do we hate packing so much and why does the process take so long? Well let’s look at how we typically pack.

A Typical Packing Day

Let’s say that you’re a smart traveler and you’ve already created a packing list that you reuse on every trip. If you haven’t yet, checkout episode 14, where I walk you through how to create an awesome packing list.

Track Down Every Item

So you come to the first item… a toothbrush. You go to the bathroom, grab it and put it in your bag. Then you do the same for toothpaste. And for every single item you go to wherever it is in your house and pack it. Tracking down every single item each time you pack takes forever!

Put Off Packing Items You Still Need

Then you come to things like your cell phone charger, but hold off on packing it because you still need to use it tonight before your trip. And the same with your laptop charger and so many other things that need to be packed but you can’t pack them yet because you’re still using them.

It’s forcing you to wait till the last minute to pack.

Unpacking Everything

And then it’s just as bad when you get home because you have to unpack every single item and put it back wherever it goes.

No wonder you dread packing!

You have to start all over for every trip!

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What is Pre-Packing?

Pre-Packing is keeping your suitcase stocked up with everything you typically bring on your trip except for your clothes. This way your suitcase essentially is always packed and ready to go, all you have to do is pack your clothes.

Get Two of Everything!

In order to make pre-packing work we have to look for inspiration from the old Doublemint Gum commercials and it was all about doubling everything.

The same is true here, we need to get two of everything. One for your house and the other stays in your bag.

Here are some examples:

  • 2 Phone Chargers: One stays home, the other stays in your bag
  • 2 Toothbrushes: One for the house, the other stays in your bag
  • 2 Headphones: One for daily use, one for travel
  • 2 Laptop Chargers: One stays plugged in near your desk, the other is in your bag

Once you have a set of items that is dedicated for travel, then they can stay in your suitcase and next time you go to pack, you’re essentially most of the way done.

Start Pre-Packing Today:

1 Make a Packing List: You can download one here to get you started.

2 Circle the items that could stay in your bag if have 2 of them

3 Go Shopping for these things! (I like to just order them all online.)

4 Leave these in your bag all the time

For me, this had made packing incredibly easy and so much faster. Give it a try and see how much faster you can pack for your next few trips.

Happy Travels!

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