Top 5 Unconventional Uses for Your Smartphone When Traveling

Podcast Episode # 23

 by Brad Kammlah

In this Episode, You'll Learn:

  • How to remember where you parked at the airport
  • How to remember your hotel room number
  • How to keep track of your travel receipts
  • Great ways to take notes on your phone
  • How to check in faster for your flight

Our smartphones are probably the most useful thing we bring with us on our trips. We seem to use them for just about everything! Well today we’re going to cover some interesting ways to use your smartphone to make travel even easier.

1 Photo of Where Parked at Airport

If you’re parking at the airport, you know that it can be near impossible to remember where you parked by the time you get back. And while there are some apps out there that try to help do this, I find the easiest way to remember where I parked is to simply take a photo of the nearest sign of the parking lot and aisle.

2 Photo of Your Hotel Room Number

If you’ve always in and out of hotel rooms the numbers can easily start to run together. So an easy way to remember your hotel room number is to take a picture of that too either on the key card or the sign outside of your room.

3 Photos of Your Travel Receipts

Instead of stuffing a crumbled stack of receipts into your suitcase, go digital instead. Simply take a photo of your receipts as you get them and then toss the paper copy. Then you already have digital versions of your receipts when it’s time to do your expense reports.

4 Take Digital Notes

Stop lugging around those heavy paper notebooks and start using a digital note taking system like OneNote or Evernote. Not only is this a lighter option but now your notes are searchable and always with you.

5 Checking In Online / Digital Boarding Passes

I debated whether or not to include this tip because I assumed everybody was already doing it. But last time I was at the airport I noticed that most people around me still had a paper ticket with them so I figured I’d better include this.

Most airlines now have smartphone apps where you can check-in on your smartphone, change your seat and even get a digital boarding pass that you can use at security at to board the plane. Not only is this faster and more convenient but it’s also one less thing you’ll have to do once you get to the airport.

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